Teachers Orientation 2017-18

On 13th June 2017, the teachers of Loyola attended an orientation session arranged by the Management. Rev Fr. Konrad Noronha conducted this seminar on the topic ‘Developing Educational, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace’. The presentation slides about self-care were indeed an eye opener, helping us to capitalize on our good qualities to achieve success. Father taught us simple yet effective exercises which could be performed in no time but would prove both relaxing and fruitful.
Introspecting and self-evaluating in order to build an appealing personality were one of the important aspects of the session. We all were very thankful to Father konrad for enriching our minds with his a valuable and motivating thoughts imparted in the simplest and most subtle way. The fire of atomism kindly within us would surely help us in enlightening our students.

Mrs. Dini’s Farewell

Sadness could be sensed in the atmosphere on the mild morning of 15th June 2017. The overwhelming feeling struck every student as a deeply motivation teacher bids adiev to her students. Mrs. Dini who has seen the school grow over her 25 years of selfless service in the school received her farewell by touching speeches dedicated performances and a cheerful ceremony by fellow colleagues. Miss  Dini leaves the school yet again doing what she is best at, a cheerful talk and tones of motivations for future of our prestigious Institution ‘Loyola High School’. Her memories and stories should be cherished for lifelong along with her golden words inscribed in the History of Loyola. In such a bitter manner the students bid a heartbreaking farewell to Mrs. Dini and kept doors open to her forever and ever!

Bidding Farewell

The farewell of Fr. Francis Patekar was a heartwarming event for the Loyola Family. Father Francis said some inspiring words as he bid farewell to this beloved Loyola family. A few students expressed their thoughts about him. The words spoken by these students were indeed mesmerizing. Fr. Patekar warmly welcomed Fr. Francis D’Souza.

Fathers Nelton’s Birthday

We were very happy to celebrate the birthday of our dear Principal of Loyola High School and Junior College – Father Nelton Thomas. We had assembled in the morning assembly where we prayed for the good health of Father Nelton. He was presented a bouquet of flowers and cards. The teachers too offered him flowers, cards and good wishes, followed by cake cutting.

Annual General Body Meeting

The Annual General Body Meeting of Loyola High School and Junior College, Pashan – Pune 2017-18
Began at 5 pm. On 7th July 2017.

  1. Welcoming of the parents.
  2. Lighting of the Lamp.
  3. The minutes of the A.G.B.M. of 2016 were read out.
  4. Introduction of new manager Father Francis D’Souza.

The new Principal spoke a few word. The new P.T.A. members were welcomed with flowers.

The Feast of our Patron

31st July was an auspicious day for students of Loyola High School and Jr. College as they celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola Patron of the school.
Special assembly was presented by the students of std. VIII depicting the values and principles of the Jesuits through a mesmerizing skit.
Melodious singing of the school choir lit up the atmosphere, students and the staff were presented with gifts and snacks.
Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Dinesh Braganza inspiring the congregation to have a vision and work towards making this world a much better place to live in. The celebration concluded with a lunch. Students as well as the teachers had a great time.

The 31st July Competition (Feast Day)

The 31st of July is celebrated as the feast of St. Ignatius every year at Loyola High School, the children are exited, not just to celebrate the feast, but also for something else. Well, the winners of the respective competition are declared.
The competitions are always unique and well-planned and moreover, the children always come up with innovative ideas:- be it ‘Best out of West’, be it, ‘Flowers Making’, ‘Bag Making’ in short, anything. But the school always come up with topic that tell as to reuse, reduce and recycle. And the students too, make use of this opportunity to showcase their talents and skills of creativity. It is said that these talents cannot be taught in school. But in Loyola these skills are not just taught but they are promoted tool.
In addition to this, the reactions of the children who win the competition is priceless. The children too, are very eager to know of a students from their class can lay his hands on the priceless certificate which has ‘First Place’ written in bold on it.

Canvas Painting Competition

Our students of Loyola High School had participated in canvas painting competition on the topic ‘Independence Day’.
Our students participated with great enthusiasm and patriotism, 13 children from our school had participated in this patriotic competition. The painting they had made showed their love and dedication towards their nation. Out of those participants the first three children were given prizes.
The first prize was taken home by Attarde Harsh of Std.8 A
The second by Deshmukh Vinit of Std.8 A
And third prize Joeason of Std.8 B.

Independence Day Celebration

The Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August 2017 in our school with great pomp and reverence. Our students had presented vivid performances in order to pay tribute to the Republic of India as well as the Indian Tricolours. These performances were indeed commendable!
The progarmme commenced eith the hoisting of the Indian Tricolour by the Principal of our school.Rev. Fr. Nelton Thomas. Mast. Davis Jojy led the gathering into the presence of the Almighty Lord. There were inspiring speeches given by Mast. Kushal Mishra and Mast. Prachit Walhe which ignited a sense of patriotism in the minds of the students. The programme was accompanied by a patriotic song sung by the students of Std. 7. This delightful programme came to an end by a wonderful group dance presented by Mast. Shann Madan and go as a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces.

A Session on Road Safety and Traffic rules

On the 18th of August 2017, the members of the Rotary Club of Khadki and a few representative of the J.P. Research institute, had visited Loyola High School, to create awareness about traffic rules and road safely. An interactive seminar was conducted for the students of 9th and 10th on the same. The J.P. Research institute, visited accidents sites and analyzed the field in details and drew conclusions by deducing the element that influenced the crash. They brought to our notice the major factors that instigate accidents and way to avoid them. Towards the end of the session, we all took a pledge, to implement the suggestion given by them.

English Elocution

The English Elocution Competition was held on 19th July 2017 for our young, aspiring orators. Three judges were invited to judge the participants and provide their valuable guidance to them. The participating students enthralled the audience by reciting beautiful poems and presenting inspirational speeches. Students of Std. V and VI recited poems whereas students of Std. VII, VIII, IX and X gave speeches. The best 3 students in each group were given certificates.

Marathi Elocution

The Marathi Elocution of the Secondary section of Loyola High School and Junior College was held on 23rd of August, 2017. A total of 6 classes participated and winners were awarded with certificates Ms. Bhagyashree Badwaik, Ms. Manisha Shirke and our own Mr. Sachin Satav were judge for the events. All judge had total time selecting the winners, because all the poems and speeches were extremely impressive. The event began with a welcome song by the students of std.5. The judges were protested with bouquets. The students of Std. 5, 6 and 7 recited poems and students of Std. 8, 9 and 10 then gave some really inspirational speeches. The winners were awarded with certificates and the events ended on happy route.

Farewell of Fr. Peter D’Cruze

Our school celebrated the ‘Teachers Day’ on 5th September 2017. There was happiness and sadness in our heart because teachers were being felicitated and one of our beloved teachers, Rev. Fr. Peter D’cruze was getting retired. Father Peter has served our esteemed institution for many years as a ‘Manager’ of Primary school. He was very friendly with all of the students especially from primary who wished him every day without fail. Not one day passed without him smiling at us. Father even contributed towards the annual day every year. Father respected and treated the entire staff equally. No one will ever forget his home visits, the questions he asked, and motivations he would give after children answered his questions. We will all miss you dear father. May god bless you with sound health of body, mind, prosperity and great life ahead.                     “TEACHERS IS LIKE A CANDLE, SHE BURNS HERSELF SO THAT HER STUDENTS MAY SHINE”

Teachers Day Celebration

The students of std.7 to 12 performed a programme for the celebration of teacher’s day, which was held on 6th September, 2017. Our programme started by the anchoring of three characters from our favourite T.V. show. The characters were Soham Deshpande, Atharva Nimhan and Yugant Kamble.Our programme stated with a beautiful dance by 7th Std. This dance was enthusiastic and was loved by all. This programme was supported by an exiting dance by our 9th std. students. After some joyful moments the 10th std. students gave us a lesson through their inspiring play presented on the true ilfe story of Steve Jobs the CEO of the world famous Apple Company. Last but not the least our 12th std. dance endeed the show by performing a dance set by Aman Mahajan and Sania Godbole.


Live Jam Event

Live Jam, a youth movement which is passionate to see transformation of Urban Youth through Music and Media. Its Moto is to ‘Live Out Loud’. This organization came to Loyola High School with the famous band H.B. which interacted with the students with their talent of beat boxing and rapping before our very own students. Some of our students also showed their talent before them and our students. They were acknowledge and welcomed by our students with a standing ovation. The main crew member of the band H.B. narrated his heart-broken story students and changed their point of view about their life.

Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s day was celebrated with gaiety of fervour at Loyola High School on Tuesday, 14th Nov, 17. The campus was buzzing with excitement as the children entered the school premises. It was a day full of fun and frolic for the students. The day began with special prayer service led by the Principal & teachers. Melodious singing & scintillating dance performance were showcased through the program. All the cultural items were organized and performed by the teachers. The students enjoyed all items and there was a smile on the face of every Loyolite. The program came to an end with the national anthem and distribution of snacks.