MY MOTHER by Joshua Manuel, Std. I, Div. A

My mom is a gift from God to my family
She is very pretty
She is a loving and caring mom
She takes care of my every need
I thank God for giving me a loving mother.

Joshua Manuel, Std. I, Div. A

MY MOTHER by Mudit Srivastav, Std. I, Div. A

I love my mother very much from my soul,
I know, in my life, how important is her role.
My life is nothing, without her blessings,
I can not do anything, without her coaching.
She teaches me, correct me,
Whenever I make a mistake.
She guides me, cheers me,
For every success, she is great.
East or west, my mother is the best.

GLOBAL WARMING by Tejas Shimpi, Std. IV, Div. B

Global warming isn’t hard to explain,
It leaves mother earth crying with a lot of pain.

This hurts our planet in every single way.
The changes will leave us in sorrow every single day.

We need to stop it now, so the temperature does not rise,
Or people, plants and animals would not survive.

Mother Nature cannot do it all, so let’s give her a rest,
We all need to try and do what is best.

Our planet is precious and can’t be replaced,
We need to do something or our homes will be erased.