The world is filled with tears and pain
We can’t hope for much to gain.
Although some oceans flow with glee sorrow fills deepest sea.
All mankind try to flee from it
But it catches them when the chance seems fit.
Sorrow tears and pain.
Throw man’s happiness down to the drain.
Although our wishes can dive so deep
It may be hard to keep.
I wish to be a superstar and boast the no one at par.
I Wish to be a Butterfly
And sore across the clear blue sky.
I wish to be a superman and save the good  form evil hands.
But all this wishes that we see are far beyond our boundary
So they remain as wishes for ever More.

                                              Tanishq Mohite  – 4th B



Be a challenger,
Not a failure.
Don’t put down your self-esteem,
Instead try hard indeed.
Keep your goals so high,
That everyone would admire.
Your life is a challenge,
Accept it and move further
And further…
Challenges in your life
Like never before,
Will make a difference in your life,
That would be never before.
New challenges, new life
Be a challenger!
Be a conqueror!                              -Saniya Chand Nadaf 12 A



I just want to let you know,
You mean the world to me.
When I was small you helped me grow,
And taught me all I had to know.
You held my hand,
And showed me the world.
I made mistakes once or twice,
But you explained to me every single time.
Even though I did not tell you,
You are my life every single day.
This is what I want to say,
You are only mine I have to say.                              Suryajit Basale – V A



Stars are many
But moon is one
Gems are many
But Kohinoor is one
Friends are many
But best friend is one
Rays are many
But sun is one
Countries are many
But India is one
Schools are many
But my school
Is the best                IV – B


With your smiles,
You’ll travel miles,
With your inspiration,
You’ll never be forgotten.

With your lessons,
We are blessed,
Your voice is like a nightingale,
Chirping in its nest.

With your heart quite large,
You make us laugh.
With your ideas,
We are relieved.

Every single day,
You teach us something new.
With your knowledge,
You help us grow smart.

You spread knowledge,
Where ever you go,
You like children,
That’s what we all know.

If we are to succeed,
It is because of you,
We will miss you,
Wherever we go. Reyes Barretto  VII – B