Life, they say, has to move on. But at this phase of our life, we wish that defying all laws of physics and all forces of nature, time comes to a standstill so that, for some more time, we can bask in the sunshine of our youth and spend some more moments of togetherness in this beautiful campus of Loyola High School with our teachers and friends. But life, they say has to move on.

Here, at Loyola, we have spent the most memorable and fulfilling ten years of our life. Even fifty years down the line, the memories of the wonderful time spent here will remain afresh in our mind and will rekindle the zest of being a child again. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate and thank Lord Almighty, that we have here, at Loyola, such caring and larger than life teachers, a sprawling campus packed with a host of amenities and above all, extremely loving and caring parents, a privilege that few others have. Our teachers have been a constant source of inspiration and support and have endured great pains to keep the flame of knowledge burning, thus illuminating the path of success. Our parents have strived to fulfill every ‘valid’ demand of ours and tried to make a different in our life.

After being sheltered and nurtured in this cocoon, we are now ready to break free into the outside world. We are now ready to spread our wings and explore the world and make our presence felt. The transition from naive kids, to confident young men has indeed been an exciting journey.

Loyola and its teachers have, with selfless dedication, molded our lives and tried to make us ‘Men for Others’. Hence it is imperative on our part that we express our gratitude towards our Alma Mater. No amount of gold is worth the education and values imparted to us at this esteemed institution. All this expected from us is that we make this institution proud of us by our good deeds. We therefore promise that we will always put the interests of our nation before our own and truly be ‘Men for Others’.

To our juniors, with ‘success’ being the buzzword today, remember that when you want success you must be ready to pay the price for it, which includes braving failures and setbacks and persisting with your effort till your goals is won. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune but great rise mind above it. Therefore rise to the occasion and lead this world into a new era of prosperity.

Before concluding, we would like to mention that we are leaving the portals of this institution not because we have finished our quota of ten years, but we are leaving so that we can come again. So did anyone say, ‘Bid Adieu Loyola’? No way. Au Revoir-Goodbye till we meet again!

Nipun Agarwal, Std. X, Div. B


Despite all efforts, mistakes have a strange way of seeing into our lives, messing up our work and leaving us guilty. Mistakes are things everyone is afraid to commit and dare not accept or admit. Sometimes we laugh at them, sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we ponder over them and at times we even disown them.

Whatever we might do, mistakes remain a feature of our day-to-day work. They remain hidden in our minds, surfacing occasionally to give us that prick of guilt! I should have not done that! What if there was a way out of this problem? What if we can learn from the mistakes committed by others? What if we learn from our own mistakes! That would be great! It will save our time and energy. Eventually, it will help us in our progress. For this we need to make conscious and steady efforts and organize our knowledge.

If a person has to learn something or grow in his / her career or profession, then he / she is bound to commit mistakes. Unless one commits a mistake and learns from it, his acknowledge will be limited as he will not understand the particularities of work. It is as bad as knowing how to drive a car perfectly but not knowing the traffic rules.

Mistakes can be varied in nature. Whichever type they might be, trivial or serious; they have their own way of teaching you facts and acquainting you with harsh reality. When others commit mistakes, you become aware of what and how to avoid committing them.

How does one learn from others‘ mistakes? Actually, it costs nothing except sometime and keen observation power. Let others’ mistakes teach you, as they say Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes; fools by their own.

Ameya Kalamkar, Std. IX, Div. B


“Imagination will often carry us to the worlds that never were,
But without it we can reach nowhere.”

A spark of imagination can inspire a person’s entire life. This is clearly visible in legendary inventors, artists, musicians, authors, dancers and in other fields down the earth’s age. Their creations also fired the imagination of the masses of that generation.

What actually triggers the imagination? It is the capacity for inspired thinking, a genetically derived talent or it is culmination of education and experience. There are no answers, but it could be little bit of both. The one way to define inspired thinking or creativity is looking as ideas and concepts in new or unexpected ways. Imagination is the process of producing metal images and Idea. Such images are seen with ‘minds’ eye’. The stories that we read, the movies that we see reflect back in our ‘mind’s eye’. Have you ever watched a child’s play? Children are not afraid to tap into their imagination to spread varied colors to their everyday world.

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts of god to humankind. So we all must imaging and dream. Our institution has produced many of these great imaginers and I wish there will be more in near future.

Alvin Johny, Std. XI, Div. A


For millions of years, gases in the earth’s atmosphere have trapped sufficient heat from the solar radiations to sustain life, however an increase in human activities may now be raising levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, so that excess heat is trapped in the atmosphere. In other words, it means at increase in the temperature caused by greenhouse effect. The snow in the arctic region is melting due to heat that leads to a rise in the level of the ocean. This becomes a threat to the coastal regions. The ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays is now depleting due to pollution. The ultra-violet radiations can cause damage to our skin and affect our health. In other to save the earth’s ozone layer one must plant more trees, prevent pollution, by not using polythenes (plastic), use cycles for traveling short distances, individuals must keep their vehicles fit on the roads to reduce noise & air pollution and use recyclable and use recyclable products as much as possible.

“Let us preserve our planet.
Think globally, act locally, and stop pollution, save environment.”

Atharva Deshmukh, Std. V, Div. B


We went to Brahma Sun City on 30th November 2008 by the school bus. Our teacher told us that these are children whose parents do not have time to spend with them. Their parents leave early in the morning and come back late in the evening. Their elder sisters look after the young ones.

We are reached there we gave them biscuits, chocolates, old toys, old clothes and slates. The teachers then told us to go around and see what the children were doing. The children were divided into four groups. The elder children were studying. The second groups of children were playing. The third group of children were sitting on the mat and playing. The fourth groups of children were small babies; they were sleeping in the cradle. We sang songs for them, they also sang songs for us.

It was time for us to come back to school. We had our snacks in the bus. KI learnt that we should help they needy and poor people.

Aman Singh Bindra, Std. III, Div. A