General Information

The age for admission to the first standard is 5 1/2 years completed by May 31st, with a corresponding increase for other standards. Children applying for admission into Class I for the academic year  2015-16 must be born between 1st Decmber 2008 and 30th November 2009.

Students who have never attended a recognised school before, must produce satisfactory evidence of their birth date such as an extract from the Birth Register or Municipal or Village Records. The same will be filed with the admission form and not returned even when the student leaves the school.

Students who have already attended a recognised school must produce a Leaving Certificate from the recognised school last attended. If he comes from outside Maharashtra State, the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Education Office of that Place.

The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application without having to assign reasons for his actions.


A month's notice is required before a boy can be withdrawn from the school, failing which, a month's fee must be paid. Those who leave in April must pay their fees for May. Notice of leaving school must be given before the beginning of holidays, otherwise fees for the first month of the following term will have to be paid.

Parents or guardians withdrawing a boy from school and intending to enrol him in a school outside Maharashtra State are reminded to have the Leaving Certificate issued by the school countersigned by the Zilla Parishad, Education Officer (V to X) and Administrative Office School Board, Pune Municipal Corporation (Std. I to IV).

If a duplicate Leaving Certificate is required or if the Original Leaving Certificate is asked for, more than two years after pupil has been withdrawn from the school, a fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged.

All Certificates - School Leaving, Character, Birth, Bonafide etc. will be issued on the third day after application. The same applies to Concession Forms, Freeship and Scholarship Forms, Application Forms to other institutions or for Public Exams. On no account will they be given on the same day irrespective of the urgency. Please ensure that you apply for such certificates well in time.