Twelfth standard students are at a crosswords in their lives and everybody is deciding which path to pursue for a career. In addition to the traditional options.

For science students, we were introduced to designing as a lucrative career path during the quest lecture conducted on 25th November 2016.

Mr. Abhijit Rashankar a representative from DSK International Campus which is a world-class design school, talked to us about the opportunities as a designer. Designing included various subcategories like interior, fashion and products like engineering and architecture.

Design has become a part of daily life and is on ever-expanding field, according to him. A prime example was the use for creating the background for Rio Olympics for the 11,716 participants of couple hundred of nations and variants of games. Many companies marketed exclusive products in partnership with these games. Designers create the advertisements as well as products with respect to studying trends in global markets.

In the profession of designing, one harness their creativity for the evolution of human experiences. Design consists of new forms and contours specialized for their functions and made unique by the designer passion – a tryst of three elements. The Design Olympiad and aptitude test for quick creativity provided a platform to nurture these skills to develop the skill of designing.