Prithviraj Shinde

We deeply mourn the demise of our beloved Prithviraj Shinde


Loyola High School’s history is replete with lists of achievers. Boys who excel in academics, who overcome odds to wrest inter-school championships, and boys who still remember to write an ode to their mothers.

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Parents / guardians are requested to be present in school when called for, after unit tests and examinations, to meet teachers about their son's/wards' progress and for P.T.A. meetings.

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Loyola has had great teachers in the past. Their legacy of inspired teaching was like a blazing torch that has been ably carried forward by the current teachers, and will continue to burn brightly in the future.

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Loyola High School believes that Co-Curricular Activities (formerly knwon as Extra Curricular Activities) are an essential means to instill active social interaction and holistic education in a student.

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